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Studying Massage Online?

Can you even study massage online? 

It's a great question. The answer is both Yes and No.

For an already qualified Remedial Massage, Bowen or Myotherapist updating your knowledge online and gaining all-important CPD points for your association is both time and cost-effective, but if you are just starting out learning technique or not yet qualified then maybe online education is not the best place for you.

Here is how it works

As a fully qualified professional therapist, you have a full bag of tricks, whether you use trigger point therapy, myofascial release, PNF Stretches or traditional Swedish techniques, you know what works.


Our CPE - CEU short workshop courses have been designed with you in mind. We focus on updating your condition-specific evidence-based knowledge.


With our STUDY MODULES (as we like to call them) you will discover which muscles are hypo or hypertonic if trigger points are present and what is happening within the joint tracking alignment.

Everything you read will be evidence-based and all the information you will need to complete the workshop will be immediately available.

massage cpd courses
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