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CPE-CPD Professional Development
For Brisbane Massage, Myo & Bowen-therapist.

Massage workshops near me?
Are you trying to find CPD courses for massage therapists in Brisbane?
Although Brisbane and the surrounding areas are beautiful locations to live, there may not be many chances locally for remedial massage, myotherapy, and musculoskeletal therapists to earn CPD credits, particularly at a time and price that work for you.
Our CPE-CPD workshops provide you, the therapist, with a scientific understanding of the clinical issues you will encounter every day while you study entirely online from the convenience of your home, clinic, or even a nearby coffee shop in the Brisbane.

Our e-learning platform is significantly more interactive and engaging than a typical webinar. Each of our CPD courses includes quizzes to enhance the learning experience, PDF files to print specifically designed for taking notes, and most include customised 3D anatomy that you can manipulate to highlight the area you need to see.

Start anytime and complete at your own pace
100% online, no waiting, no seminars to attend
Receive a certificate of completion


Evidence-based, convenient, and cost-effective,

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