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Ankle Ligament Sprain CPE-CPD Professional ​Development STUDY MODULE

This is an important STUDY MODULE - workshop for all Massage, Bowen and Myotherapist

"Ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries. In all sports injuries, the rate of ankle sprains ranges from 15 to 20 %"

Adding to that the fact that of all ankle sprain injuries about 20% turn into chronic ankle instability. Whether you work with elite athletes, weekend warriors, or even the general public, you will see sprained ankles regularly throughout your career.

Increase your knowledge and do it in your own time at your own pace (save time and money) with this CPE-CPD workshop. We have loads of useful information packed into this course which any Massage, Bowen or Myotherapist will find helpful when dealing with Ankle Ligament Strain.

This course will take you through anatomy physiology, aetiology, testing and treatment options

Price $88

Professional Development

Valid for 12 months

This is a 5 Hour CPD Professional Development STUDY MODULE


Remedial Massage Therapist


Bowen Therapist

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This STUDY MODULE is divided into 6 units
Unit 1 Overview 
Unit 2 Anatomy Review 
Unit 3 Symptoms and Aetiology 
Unit 4 ​Chronic Ankle Instability 
Unit 5 ​Grading, Examination and Testing  
Unit 6 Healing and Treatment 

This STUDY MODULE is assessed by a 50-question online quiz, an 80% pass mark is required.  You can retry the quiz as many times as you require to pass. 


Course Objectives
This STUDY MODULE is designed to give the therapist a clinical understanding of Ankle Ligament Sprain. You will be able to use the information in the STUDY MODULE to base a treatment plan on. With the completion of this STUDY MODULE, you will have an understanding of the relevant Anatomy & Physiology, Aetiology, Grading and review the various treatment options available.

This is not a complete list of all associations that accept our CPD courses. Most associations allow their members to select any course that will be beneficial to their practice. Our courses have been designed for that purpose. If your association is not listed, we recommend checking their CPD policies before purchasing.

System Requirements:  If you can work this web site you can work the STUDY MODULES

  • This STUDY MODULE is mobile and tablet friendly,  We suggest you use a computer to access the 3D anatomy model.

  • If you're having problems, try using GOOGLE CHROME as your web browser, free at this link

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