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Plantar Fasciitis CPE - CPD Professional Development Study Module 

"It has been suggested that plantar fasciitis represents a form of tennis elbow at the heel with the condition being caused by repetitive microtrauma at the point of insertion".* 
If you run a busy clinic, you will see clients with plantar fasciitis pretty regularly. 

We have designed this course to give great value for both time and money. It is filled with loads of really useful information that is all evidence-based. You will be able to use the information presented straight away. You will cover the anatomy of the foot and ankle, human ​gait, the Windlass Mechanism and the causes of plantar fasciitis. 
As always you will be able to have a cup of tea or coffee sitting on your lounge at home or at your desk in the clinic while you gain valuable knowledge and professional development points.

Massage CPD Points

This workshop is assessed by a 50 question online quiz, an 80% pass mark is required. 
You can retry the quiz as many times as you require to pass. 

Course Objectives 
You will see clients with Plantar Fasciitis. This study module has been designed to help you recognise and understand Plantar Fasciitis. You will learn about its relevant anatomy, risk factors and common causes. You will read research covering which treatments are being used and how successful they are.​

This is not a complete list of all associations that accept our CPD courses. Most associations allow their members to select any course that will be beneficial to their practice. Our courses have been designed for that purpose. If your association is not listed, we recommend checking their CPD policies before purchasing.

System Requirements:  If you can work this web site you can work the STUDY MODULES

  • This STUDY MODULE is mobile and tablet friendly,  We suggest you use a computer to access the 3D anatomy model.

  • If you're having problems, try using GOOGLE CHROME as your web browser, free at this link

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